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Yakima Artist's Studio Tour 2021

Labor Day September 4th, 5th 10am - 4pm & 6th 10am - noon

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Join more than twenty Local Artists in a celebration of Art in Yakima.

Meet the artists, tour working studios, watch their creative process, find your perfect artistic treasure and join a mini art class.

The Artist’s Labor Day Studio Tour 2021

            Saturday and Sunday, September 4th & 5th between 10:00 and 4:00

            Monday, September 6th between 10:00 and Noon

Sponsored by Artebella Art Gallery

Pamela Searcy


Studio Locations

Studio One       Artebella Gallery

  2103 West Yakima Ave     (206) 915-4663

Studio Two       Rachel Dorn

203 South 8th Ave           (509) 654-6487

Studio Three     John Barany

2302 Laban Ave              (509) 949-5873

Studio Four       Linda Noyes

308 N 23rd Ave               (425) 931-7100

Studio Five        Paul Henderson

8312 Westbrook Ave       (509) 961-9840


Studio Six          Randal Leek

720 Ghormley Road         (509) 675-0000

Studio Seven     Yakima Valley Artists Association

2005 Stein Rd              (509) 961-3131

Yakima Artist's Studio Tour Tickets

This three-day art event is open to the public via a ticket obtained from participating artists and local business locations.


Tickets are available from the following locations or directly from participating artists and during the tour at each studio location, as available.

Adults (18 to 64) $10.00  Seniors $5.00  Children $5.00


Stems     Hilton Hotel # 180

399 E Yakima Ave

(509) 452-8800

The Larson Gallery

1606 W Nob Hill Blvd

(509) 574-4875

Collaboration Coffee

18 S First St

(509) 823-4018

Caffe' 11th Ave

1003 W Yakima Ave

(509) 426-2808


3105 Summitview Ave

(509) 452-6646

Oak Hollow Custom Framing

and Gallery

5631 Summitview Avenue

(509) 965-9256

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Studio Tour Map

Artist's Studio Locations

1. Artebella Gallery

    2103 West Yakima Ave

    (206) 915-4663

2. Rachel Dorn

    203 South 8th Ave

    509) 654-6487

3. John Barany

    2302 Laban Ave

    (509) 949-5873

4. Linda Noyes

    308 N 23rd Ave

    (425) 931-7100

5. Paul Henderson

    8312 Westbrook Ave

    (509) 961-9840

6. Randal Leek

    720 Ghormley Road

    (509) 675-0000

7. Yakima Valley Artists 

​        Association

    2005 Stein Rd

    (509) 961-3131

Studio One

Artebella Gallery
2103 W Yakima Ave
Yakima, WA 98902


Pamela Searcy                     Sculpture, Painting, Mixed Media, Jewelry

2103 W Yakima Ave

Yakima, WA 98902

(206) 915-4663

Artist Statement


After many years away from the Yakima Valley, artist Pamela Searcy has returned home and now devotes most of her time to creating bronze sculptures of people and, at times, painting colorful abstract and impressionistic works with a wide range of subject matter.


Always interested in sculpting anything from ivory soap to clay and plaster, Pamela studied lost wax sculpture at Seattle University and ceramics at the University of Washington. For many years the artist taught high school students to extend their artistic experiences and developed her skills in sculpting the human figure. Her bronze sculptures show individual personality and expression, each character is different.


Her latest sculpture, The Three Sisters will be shown at her studio during the Yakima Artist’s Studio Tour Labor Day Weekend.


Pamela’s paintings are highly textured and reflect the artist’s interest in shadows and shapes with dimensional interaction of divergent materials. Found objects, including cloth, paper or small pieces of metal find their way to the canvas to create highly individual texture with natural colors never right out of the paint box.


The artist uses her painting techniques to make books & book covers, greeting cards, miniature paintings, found object relief sculpture and collage assemblage paintings. The process makes reproducing work impossible and the artist does not do prints. The style is recognizable and specific with the use of natural colors and an appreciation for the numerous colors in the blue green range.


Pamela encourages everyone to explore their artistic communication by drawing, painting or learning any artistic expression that looks interesting to them.


“Art adds to all our lives, gives a way of expressing feelings, enriches our understanding of the world and shares joy.”   Pamela Searcy

Pamela Searcy

Terry Mullen                                 Painter, Jewelry Artist

Terry Mullen

Corey Robinson                      Ceramic Artist

(509) 930-5679

​Artist Statement


I’ve lived in the Yakima Valley for over 60 years, graduating from Yakima Public schools, then working in medical office administration until I was 40 years old. I returned to school at 40, attaining a Bachelor of Science and an MBA while continuing to work full time. Over the years I continued to take evening and weekend classes in painting and drawing at Yakima Valley College.


After my retirement in 2015, I decided to take up acrylic painting and clay work for my own enjoyment. I’ve taken classes in the Clay Studio of Green Valley, Arizona where I live part of the year, for the last 4 years, most recently continuing to work at the Yakima Makers Space. This last year I have participated in outdoor art shows, selling and taking commissions of my clay work. Clay has allowed me to be both whimsical and imaginative because it is such a versatile medium, combining both structure and color. I find it very liberating and hope others will enjoy this journey with me through my work.

Corey Robinson

Studio Two

Rachel Dorn
203 S 8th Ave
Yakima, WA 98902

Rachel Dorn                                  Abstract Ceramic Sculpture

203 S 8th Ave

Yakima, WA 98902

509 654 6487

Artist Statement


I am a ceramic artist. I create brightly colored and highly textured ceramic sculpture, installations, and functional pottery. In 2006, I moved to Yakima from Wisconsin to teach at Yakima Valley College where I run the clay studio and teach ceramics, design, and art history courses. Until about five years ago, my sculpture was almost entirely abstract, influenced by plants and sea life. I continue to make this work, which features bright colors and contrasting textures. More recently, I have begun to incorporate more political/social themes into my work through my politics bulbs installations and my scream mugs that capture the feelings of 2020.


I enjoy writing about my art and my teaching on my blog, Rachel Dorn Ceramic Sculpture, at You can read about my building processes, inspiration, teaching, and installations. You can also see work from students in my ceramic and design classes at YVC. Visit my website at, email me at or call (509) 654-6487. 


My home studio remodel was completed in February 2020, so if you’ve been to my studio before, come check out the beautiful new workspace. I am delighted to talk with you about my work, my process, or my new studio. Families are welcome (the yard is shady and we’ll leave some space for young people who aren’t ready to be near fragile ceramics).


If you are interested in taking pottery, clay hand-building, or other art classes, or have questions about our programs, please contact me via my YVC email:

Rachel Dorn