Yakima Artist's Studio Tour 2021

Labor Day September 4th, 5th 10am - 4pm & 6th 10am - noon

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Join more than twenty Local Artists in a celebration of Art in Yakima.

Meet the artists, tour working studios, watch their creative process, find your perfect artistic treasure and join a mini art class.

The Artist’s Labor Day Studio Tour 2021

            Saturday and Sunday, September 4th & 5th between 10:00 and 4:00

            Monday, September 6th between 10:00 and Noon

Sponsored by Artebella Art Gallery


Pamela Searcy

Email: pamelasearcy@iinet.com

Studio Locations

Studio One       Artebella Gallery   2103 West Yakima Ave     (206) 915-4663

Studio Two       Rachel Dorn         203 South 8th Ave           (509) 654-6487

Studio Three     John Barany         2302 Laban Ave              (509) 949-5873

Studio Four       Linda Noyes         308 N 23rd Ave               (425) 931-7100

Studio Five        Paul Henderson    8312 Westbrook Ave       (509) 961-9840


Studio Six          Randal Leek        720 Ghormley Road         (509) 675-0000

Studio Seven      Yakima Valley Artists Association                (509) 961-3131

         2005 Stein Rd

Yakima Artist's Studio Tour Tickets

This three-day art event is open to the public via a ticket obtained from participating artists and local business locations.


Tickets are available from the following locations or directly from participating artists and during the tour at each studio location, as available.

Adults (18 to 64) $10.00  Seniors $5.00  Children $5.00


Stems     Hilton Hotel # 180

399 E Yakima Ave

(509) 452-8800

The Larson Gallery

1606 W Nob Hill Blvd

(509) 574-4875

Collaboration Coffee

18 S First St

(509) 823-4018

Caffe' 11th Ave

1003 W Yakima Ave

(509) 426-2808


3105 Summitview Ave

(509) 452-6646

Oak Hollow Custom Framing

and Gallery

5631 Summitview Avenue

(509) 965-9256

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Studio Tour Map

Construction of the Venue details below is in progress. Please check back.

Studio One

Artebella Gallery
2103 W Yakima Ave
Yakima, WA 98902



Pamela Searcy                     Sculpture, Painting, Mixed

                                                             Media, Jewelry

2103 W Yakima Ave

Yakima, WA 98902

(206) 915-4663



Artist Statement


The Artist has traveled in England and Italy, photographed beautiful landscapes, buildings and people and works from her photographs and live models to create her paintings and sculpture.


A native of Washington State, Pamela Searcy grew up in Central Washington where her family owned orchards on the Yakima Indian Reservation. Drawing and painting were her favorite adventures as a child and she continued her interest in art studying Design, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Art history at Seattle University and the University of Washington.


After completing under graduate and graduate degrees from Seattle University, Pamela taught elementary school and then art at Inglemoor High School. With the demands of three small children the Artist was busy at home for several years, keeping up with her artistic interests as time allowed. Now that the children have completed their university degrees, the Artist is enjoying a new freedom to arrange her interests around a life-long love of artistic expression. 

Terry Mullen                                 Painter, Jewelry Artist







Corey Robinson                      Ceramic Artist


Artist Statement


I’ve lived in the Yakima Valley for over 60 years, graduating from Yakima Public schools, then working in medical office administration until I was 40 years old. I returned to school at 40, attaining a Bachelor of Science and an MBA while continuing to work full time. Over the years I continued to take evening and weekend classes in painting and drawing at Yakima Valley College.


After my retirement in 2015, I decided to take up acrylic painting and clay work for my own enjoyment. I’ve taken classes in the Clay Studio of Green Valley, Arizona where I live part of the year, for the last 4 years, most recently continuing to work at the Yakima Makers Space. This last year I have participated in outdoor art shows, selling and taking commissions of my clay work. Clay has allowed me to be both whimsical and imaginative because it is such a versatile medium, combining both structure and color. I find it very liberating and hope others will enjoy this journey with me through my work.


Linda Otley                                        Fabric Art

Studio Two

Rachel Dorn
203 S 8th Ave
Yakima, WA 98902



Rachel Dorn                                  Abstract Ceramic Sculpture

203 S 8th Ave

Yakima, WA 98902

509 654 6487



Artist Statement


I am a ceramic artist. I create brightly colored and highly textured ceramic sculpture, installations, and functional pottery. In 2006, I moved to Yakima from Wisconsin to teach at Yakima Valley College where I run the clay studio and teach ceramics, design, and art history courses. Until about 5 years ago, my sculpture was almost entirely abstract, influenced by plants and sea life. I continue to make this work, which features bright colors and contrasting textures. More recently, I have begun to incorporate more political/social themes into my work through my politics bulbs installations and my scream mugs that capture the feelings of 2020.


I enjoy writing about my art and my teaching on my blog, Rachel Dorn Ceramic Sculpture, at www.racheldorn.blogspot.com. You can read about my building processes, inspiration, teaching, and installations. You can also see work from students in my ceramic and design classes at YVC. Visit my website at www.racheldorn.com, email me at rachel@me.com or call 509 654-6487. 


My home studio remodel was completed in February 2020, so if you’ve been to my studio before, come check out the beautiful new workspace. I am delighted to talk with you about my work, my process, or my new studio. Families are welcome (the yard is shady and we’ll leave some space for young people who aren’t ready to be near fragile ceramics).


If you are interested in taking pottery, clay hand-building, or other art classes, or have questions about our programs, please contact me via my YVC email: rdorn@yvcc.edu

Studio Three

John Barany
2302 Laban Ave
Yakima, WA 98902



John Barany                                Wood Artist

509 949 5873


Dennis Pedamonte         Jewelry and Wood Sculpture



Artists Statement

I recycle wood, shell, copper, silver and add Thai silver and Turquoise and Lapis elements.

Style is minimalist, clean and reflect natural elements that surround us.

Jane Fassel                               Ceramics Porcelain Jewelry 


Artist Statement


I work in ceramics because I love feeling how a lump of earth transitions under my hands. I am witness to the form growing and taking shape on my wheel. There is also the appeal of the constant and numerous challenges of this medium: not only the creative process, but the technical and physical aspects as well.

I have been moving towards the colorful and whimsical, however my main body of work is primarily Naked Raku. The uncontrolled element of the smoke penetrating the clay is intoxicating. Each piece is uniquely beautiful and can never be duplicated. The process I use yields black colors with a range of low to high values against a white background.

Andrew Fletcher-Love      Scuplture


Lucy Ann Valderhaug           Jewelry


LVdesign Jewelry

Artist Statement


From childhood I have always made things, from doll clothes, family clothes, art to wear, and now sterling silver jewelry. My inspirations come from using things in new or different way to please my urge to create. I am amazed that other people like and enjoy my “stuff “.


​​​LeAnne Ries                                  Painter


Artist Statement

LeAnne Ries is inspired by emotional states and archetypes. She infuses these components into a favorite motif: chairs.

Studio Four

Linda Noyes
308 N 23rd Ave
Yakima, WA 98902

Linda Noyes                                         Painter

308 N 23rd Ave

Yakima, WA 98902

(425) 931-7100


Studio Five

Paul Henderson
8312 Westbrook Ave
Yakima, WA 98908


Paul Henderson                                  Painter

8312 Westbrook Ave

Yakima, WA 98908

(509) 961-9840

Website: paulhendersonart.com

Email: paulshenderson@me.com

Artist Statement


'Northwest Artist with an International Touch'.

I believe in the freedom to create beauty in many forms; from super detail to abstract, from landscape to still-life, from Fantasy to semi-abstract and even painting with 'COFFEE'.

*Commission work.

**Mini in Home shows for Decor and/or friends.

Studio Six

Randal Leek
720 Ghormley Rd
Yakima, WA 98908


Randal Leek                                      Wood Artist

720 Ghormley Rd

Yakima, WA 98908

​Email: RandLeek@msn.com

Website: http://www.yakimaartconnection.com/Randal-Leek-Wood-Sculpture.html

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ddleek/


Dawson Lapsley                           Photographer





Cathy Lapsley                                Pastel, Collage and

                                                                   Assemblage, Mixed



Studio Seven

Yakima Vallley Artists Association
2005 Stein Rd
Yakima, WA 98908


Yakima Valley Artists Association


   Kate Bowditch, Vice President



   (425) 783-0337

Address of Venue

2005 Stein Rd

Yakima WA 98908-9614

(509) 961-3131

Special Activities


Mary Jepsen and Lynn Maiocco

will be teaching and demonstrating painting methods.

Visit our booth and watch how to do basic watercolor techniques. Then, using those techniques, you can sit down at the booth to paint your own small painting, greeting card of book marker. You will be on your way to learning to paint with watercolors, a skill that will give you years of pleasure.

As a child, I remember vividly how thrilled I was to have a set of Prang watercolors and a paintbrush. I have rediscovered watercolors after a long absence and find that with a few easily learned techniques, anyone can make a simple greeting card or a small landscape. It is both challenging and forgiving.

- Lynn Maiocco


I didn't start watercolor painting until I retired five years ago and have found the medium relaxing and challenging all at the same time. Watching how the water and paint react on paper is fascinating and all those "mistakes" seem to actually work out better than what I intended. - Mary Jepsen

​​​​​​Participating Artists


Kate Bowditch                    Watercolor, Acrylic


(425) 783-0337

Artist Statement

I grew up in Idaho, with great freedom to roam the streets, hills and mountains that surrounded me. Since then, I have always preferred to be outside, reveling in the weather, the views, and the animals who live there.

Using images from all my travels about the US, South America, China, and the British Isles, my artwork reflects the world around and within me.

I moved to Yakima in 2017, retiring from my career as a mental health counselor and clinical hypnotherapist. Although I have drawn and created things all my life, it is in this time, now, that I have discovered the wonders of painting. 

The major developing themes of my work: 

  • Landscapes, weather, and sky

  • The small inhabitants of that land and sky

Linda Lee Kirkpatrick              Oil Painting

(509) 961-3131

Artist Statement


Linda Lee was born in Schenectady, New York. She moved to California at an early age to study Art, where she met and married a member of the U.S. Navy. She has traveled the United States and Europe extensively, where she has gotten many ideas for her paintings. She and her husband eventually settled in the Pacific Northwest.


Her Southwest Still Lifes and her animal paintings have won her several honors and she currently has an oil painting in the Buffalo Museum in Jamestown, North Dakota.


Linda is a member of the Yakima Valley Artists Association and spends most of her time behind an easel or plein air painting with friends.

Lou Toweill                                     Acrylic and Wood


(509) 480-2900

Artist Statement


A Vietnam veteran, after retiring as an electrical engineer and college instructor, I started turning wood on the lathe. I appreciate all aspects of working with wood, whether it be the tactile response, the aesthetic quality, or the art created.

Pamela Searcy

Terry Mullen

Corey Robinson

Rachel Dorn

John Barany

Dennis Pedamonte

Jane Fassel

Andrew Fletcher-Love

Lucy Ann Valderhaug

LeAnne Ries

Linda Noyes

Paul Henderson

Randal Leek