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After many years away from the Yakima Valley, artist Pamela Searcy has returned home and now devotes most of her time to creating bronze sculptures of people and, at times, painting colorful abstract and impressionistic works with a wide range of subject matter.


Always interested in sculpting anything from ivory soap to clay and plaster, Pamela studied lost wax sculpture at Seattle University and ceramics at the University of Washington. For many years the artist taught high school students to extend their artistic experiences and developed her skills in sculpting the human figure. Her bronze sculptures show individual personality and expression, each character is different.


Her latest sculpture, The Three Sisters will be shown at her studio during the Yakima Artist’s Studio Tour Labor Day Weekend.


Pamela’s paintings are highly textured and reflect the artist’s interest in shadows and shapes with dimensional interaction of divergent materials. Found objects, including cloth, paper or small pieces of metal find their way to the canvas to create highly individual texture with natural colors never right out of the paint box.


The artist uses her painting techniques to make books & book covers, greeting cards, miniature paintings, found object relief sculpture and collage assemblage paintings. The process makes reproducing work impossible and the artist does not do prints. The style is recognizable and specific with the use of natural colors and an appreciation for the numerous colors in the blue green range.


Pamela encourages everyone to explore their artistic communication by drawing, painting or learning any artistic expression that looks interesting to them.


“Art adds to all our lives, gives a way of expressing feelings, enriches our understanding of the world and shares joy."   ​Pamela Searcy


Additional work by Pamela Searcy can be viewed online at:

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